Transformational Therapy

Transformational Therapy


@ R950 (for an individual) or R1 200 (for two people) a session / 3 sessions @ R2 800 (for an individual) OR R3 500 (for 2 people); up to 60 minutes per session. This session can be done in person or online (WhatsApp video Call / Skype).

NOTE: The second payment option is only available when paid upfront.

When you want to get to the root cause of any longstanding block within you, Transformational Therapy is the answer. This block might be obscuring you or a relationship you have with someone – emotional, physical or spiritual.

Transformational Therapy is also beneficial for two people in a relationship, whether this is a parent, spouse, sibling or friend and you want to restore/heal the relationship. I can assist you with:

  • gaining insight into the relationship. Reconnect with the other person when faced with challenges in your relationship. When feeling stuck in old patterns and you want to move forward, but don’t know how to do this or where to start.
  • when you and your partner are starting out on the spiritual journey together and you don’t know how to support each other. If you have questions about spirituality and you want to know more about it I can assist.

This process opens you into your boundless potential. This potential makes you capable of creating anything in your life and where healing takes place. Gain access to your answers and deepest truths about yourself, about life, your mission and purpose.

With Transformational Therapy, you have the opportunity to completely turn your life around. FREES YOU FROM: Stress, fear depression, guilt, grief, insecurity, low self-esteem, not being able to say no, anger, resentment, hurt… AND LEADS YOU TO: Being deeply in touch with yourself, live your life as an expression of your highest potential.

** Please note :

All bookings will be done and confirmed via email:
Sessions will be booked/confirmed only when proof of full payment has been received
Sessions that have not been cancelled or moved 48hours before the time will be charged in full

– Psychic Medium Cape Town, South Africa, Western Cape. Babetza Lennox. Contact me for Cord Cutting, Psychic Readings (also known as Tarot Card Readings) – General Readings as well as Full Readings. I am also available for Energy Healing through Crystal Healing. Other services include Space Cleansing, Chakra Balancing and Transformational Therapy which leads to Emotional Healing. Visit our shop for Personalized Elixirs (also known as Alternative Natural Healing Products). 

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