Life is filled with a kaleidoscope of life experiences. And within these experiences, we get to find OURSELVES. 

Life ExperiencesLiving our day to day lives; doing life we all get the opportunity to experience the different aspects that life offers us. Whether it is joy or sadness, life or death, abundance or lack, safety or danger, love or fear. 

With experiencing these different aspects we consciously; even sometimes unconsciously choose which life experiences we want more of and which we choose to never have to go through again.

Your next question might be so why is it that those experiences we want more of are so little or far in between. 

Well, you see on your path while going through life we sometimes have some challenging experiences. Those ones we mentioned earlier we choose to never have to go through again. But this is where we sometimes get ‘trapped‘ so to speak. Either within the experience or the feelings the experience created while going through it. This ‘trap’ that I’m referring to is the resistance created within ourselves, to a particular experience or feeling a certain way. An emotion that you might have felt going through the experience. For example sadness, anger, stress etc. Thinking that the resistance we feel towards the experience or emotion will ensure that we never have to go through something like that again. 

But in truth, this will actually either create more of these life experiences or slow down the pace of those experiences you want more of to come into your current reality. 

Let’s take a moment and get practical by looking at how this happens… 

Have you noticed in your own life maybe or someone close to you that ‘feared’ having a certain experience and then having exactly that happen to you/them?

A woman always voicing her fear of being a single parent. Checking all the boxes to ensure it will never happen to her. And then despite all her ‘efforts’ – it happens. Or maybe you have a friend or know of someone that has always said that they will get through anything life sends their way as long as they have their partner on their side and don’t have to go through life being alone. And then the day comes and their partner is gone, for whatever reason possible. And exactly that which they never wanted to happen becomes their reality. 

How does this happen? Why does this happen? 

Well in Part 2 I’ll share with you my thoughts on this. What I have learned about this, doing life. The research I have done in my passion to understand. 

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