Life Experiences Psychic Readings Cape Town by Babetza Lennox

So where do we start?

How do we get to have more of the good life experiences and less of those experiences we don’t want?

You start with YOU. Allowing yourself to have a good look at your heart and who you are. What it is you want from life vs what your beliefs are about yourself. Allow yourself to let down your shields and be honest with yourself.

Determine what it is that YOU are afraid of. Stop thinking that ‘if I keep ignoring my fears, stresses or the things that make me anxious and only focus on the positive, the positive feelings will ‘win’ and everything will be good’.

Talking from own experience isn’t that the part that frustrates you the most at times?. You’ve put in all the hours of thinking positive, creating opportunities to dream that which you want to experience into existence. You’ve done it all, feeling it, imagining it, but it still hasn’t happened.

If, through doing life you have knowingly or unknowingly created and adopted certain beliefs, blocks or fears that separates you from that which you want, you will have to remove them. And with removing I mean from your mind, heart, thinking and doing in order to start having those experiences you do want.

Will it be easy?

A couple of things will determine how quickly your ability to bring the ‘good‘ or ‘I want‘ life experiences into your reality. These things will also determine your ability to allow, removing any level of resistance you might have.

  1. Your attitude towards ‘unpacking’ your beliefs.
  2. The level of honesty with yourself.
  3. Letting go and surrendering.

Will it be worth it?

It won’t only be worth it. Once you shift that which has been standing between yourself and your current reality, you will have the absolute JOY and PLEASURE of having exactly that which you desire.

Has this resonated with you? Is this a realization that you’ve had? Many people don’t know where to start. Other’s ask the right questions, but the answers elude them. If this is you I would like to invite you to contact me or consider booking a session. I would love to help you find the answers and a starting point for your new direction.

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