So much integrity, love and compassion!

Babetza has so much integrity, love and compassion to share through her healing and psychic abilities. With her walking through the difficult times, I was able to shift and still am changing to become the person I was meant to be at soul level. I am so very thankful to her for being there for me. It is so humbling to witness her first-hand. 

With Blessings to Babetza

Anon, Cape Town


Dear Babetza, I always feel so much more inspired and motivated after you’ve done a reading for me. You are always spot on with your predictions. I also really appreciate your practical suggestions when it comes to situations.

Alrina, Cape Town

Absolutely spot on!!

Her reading was amazing and absolutely spot on!! Everything she told me from the past and present was 100% correct!! She is not only helping me with my private life but also with my business. Her advice and readings not only about my personal life but especially with my…

MC, Cape Town

Babetza cares deeply for her clients

It is a pleasure to write this review. Babetza and I had an instant connection. I have made use of a number of services this year: detailed readings, Transformational therapy, and crystal healing. It has changed my life completely. I have dealt with hurt and found more peace. I even changed my career and enjoy every day of this new life journey and finding myself. Some days scary, but always worth it😊 Babetza cares deeply for her clients and their well-being. I have referred many friends and look forward to my next session. I can also recommend their product range. I have had Phenomenal results with the Floral Essence.

Brenda Meyer

Life Changing!

Life changing! I attended the reading which was spot on. I have been to mediums before, Babetza is the best and is completely more in touch with you as a person and cares for your happiness. I decided to do the transformational therapy, which was incredible, I can not put it into words! It was absolutely transformational, Babetza has a gift, is a beautiful person and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. It’s a pity we moving to New Zealand, otherwise, I would’ve at least had a session with her every month, her energy is pure and positive.

Maree & Cecil Tying the Knot

Changed my life

Babetza changed my life with her Transformational Therapy. I can really recommend her!

Amanda Ferreira

Highly recommended

I have done a detailed reading, 3 sessions of transformation therapy and today crystal healing. Babetza is amazing. I cannot give her enough praise for her guidance and positive change in my life. Thank you for your genuine care. Highly recommended.

BM, Cape Town

I never believed until I met Babetza

I honestly never believed in any form of spiritual readings until I met Babetza. The accuracy of the reading was mind blowing and she had no prior knowledge to what was going on in my life at that time.

S Thompson, Cape Town

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety!!

Babetza is very caring, compassionate and understanding. I highly recommend the Crystal healing and Transformational Therapy that she offers – I literally felt the weight lift from my shoulders, 😁my outlook became more positive and I felt calmer. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety!!😊

Ronel Oosthuizen


Absolutely awesome experience!

Marius Ferreira

Calming Vibes

Awesome venue and calming vibes. Didn’t have time for a reading, but will definitely be back for some cord cutting! Babetza is lovely!

Joanna Molyneux-Killik Nee Holland

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