Honour your sensitivity. Retreat for spiritual healing and to recharge. Your light can support others.

I found the card and guidance for the week being very relevant. A lot of us are taking some time out to recharge. Even if it’s just getting in some extra rest with enjoying the public holidays that is lined up during this time.

With this time of the year, there is some of us that feel the pressure and the demands of the year that’s almost past. With the holidays and celebrations coming up like Christmas and New Year you might be feeling like slamming on the breaks, while the norm is to celebrate. Spend time with family and friends and to get into the festive spirits by getting you so to speak ‘grove on’.

Just the mere thought of taking part in all the celebration and planned activities might leave some of us overwhelmed.

If this might be the case for you it is important that you be honest with yourself. How would you like to spend your time over these days? It is okay to at times want to spend some time with yourself to recharge and for spiritual healing.

It is really okay to retreat to a safe space every now and then to cleanse and recharge your energy.

Whether you choose to take a day for yourself and spend it like a hermit in a cave or getting out into nature and spending it by the sea or in the mountains. You know yourself best and what gets you energized and recharged.

With everything in life balance is important. You may feel called to serve others or share your healing. Whether the healing you offer is your presence, doing something for someone, offering a listening ear – there are so many ways. And here is the most import part of the message for this week.

Please ensure you are filled up with light, love, and energy first. Meaning recharged on all levels of your being; spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. So that you are not sacrificing yourself for others.

Wishing you a week of your cup running over; stay blessed.

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